Friday, July 26, 2013


Salam sumer...Selamat bercuti kepada kengkawan..
sempena Nuzul Quran nie kann...yg x bercuti siler bekojo sekueknyo yo..

Mesti hari nie ramai yg sibuk shopping2 yerkk kompom KL
jammed giler nie...Azue plan nak pergi Nilai 3 jerk...
alih2 hujan lebat haaa...

lepak umah jerk lahhh kann..nengok DVD...carik resepi..
ptg2 skett nie baru plan nak ke mana....

So kepada mereka yg nak xder idea nak makan kat mana selain dari
 Buffet Ramadhan kat Hotel2...kita boleh
boleh ler pilih2.. Restaurant kat bawah nie yerkkk

The Delicious Group

Happy Ramadan to all our Muslim friends.
Here's the crazy deal for everyone!
For non-Muslim friends, you can enjoy our deli crazy deals before 4pm and up to 50% off!
Takeaway? No problem. Selections of pastas,
desserts and many more will be going from RM 10 upwards and available from 4pm till 7pm.
Finally, for those dining in, come and savor our scrumptious dinner set special for only RM 34.90.
Available from 7pm onwards.

It's Ramadan Promotion at Bubba Gump ...
Available after 6 pm, Bubba Gump's Buka Puasa Set Menu offers delicious meals. What's even better is that it comes with choices of Soup of The Day or Classic Caesar Salad and a tantalizing dessert ! All these are at only RM33.90++ per person

Ayam Percik Kelantan by Celebrity Chef, Dato' Chef Ismail!

Let's celebrate this best moment together... 
Pak john purposely launch this family value sets for this coming Buka Puasa n HARI Raya. 
This promotion is only start at 1/7. Hopefully u will like it...

Dear All, Ramadan is around the corner and as every year we are honored to introduce our 
Ramadan Package to all our guests . See you all For Reservation please call: 03-4253 2101

Hari pertama berbuka puasa akan lebih bermakna 
jika dapat menghidangkan Briyani Roaster kepada keluarga. 

Share a great Ramadhan meal for 2 for only RM56! 
Prepare to enjoy a refreshing salad, two 1/4 Chicks+2 Sides & a Chocolate Crunch Roll. 
Washed them down with 2 Bottomless Drinks!

Satisfy your appetite & celebrate this Ramadhan with us at Bumbu Desa Malaysia
Selamat berbuka puasa!

Adults : RM59.90+
Kids and Senior Citizen* : RM29.90+
*Kids (4-12 years old) Senior Citizen (60 years old and above)

Bumbu Desa Alamanda, Putrajaya
(T) +603 8881 0750 (R) +6016 283 6114

Bumbu Desa KLCC : 
(T) +603 2161 3530 (R) +6017 616 1637

*All prices are subject to 10% service charge
*15th July 2013 to 7th August 2013

Breaking fast soon? Well head over to PastryVille for some great meals. 
We have plenty for you to choose from.
With our sets, you get soup and a cake of the day, it's a steal!

We welcome you and your loved ones to have a memorable experience that will be savoured by all. Please find attached our specially created Ramadhan sets for your celebrations with friends, family and colleagues. 

In order to avoid any inconvenience, we strongly recommend that you make a reservation in advance. 

The Melium Group wishes you a happy and blessed Ramadhan Al-Mubarak.

Calling all pizza lovers! Get a medium Hawaiian Papa or Pepperoni pizza for only RM8. 
This offer is only valid on 31st July, from 10am to 6pm
Ramadhan is back and with it we give you our Ramadhan promotion.

Selamat Berbuka Puasa with Free Half Onion Loaf worth RM12.90

Saper nak beli cokelat...jomm kiter sopinkk kat Beryls nie yerkkk...

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  1. FUH bagus akak...mmg lengkap dan terkini...senang nanti, org gugel terus refer blog akak nanti....dah hujung2 nak raye ni lagi mls nak masak kak...nak buka boleh intai entry akak ni nanti...



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