Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Father’s Day Look Alike" Contest -Pulai Spring Resort

Salam Semua...rinduu Azue x?lama kann x bercerita...
dah lama x JJCM nie...mungkin Azue akan buat 
ComeBack...cheewahh camm retis plak ehh...

Sorry ler menyepi agak lama skettt...
Insyaallah..Azue akan cuber aktif kembali
x lama lagi..Insyaallah...

Kali nie nak cerita...Azue ader join 1 Contest nie..
sebab memang suker lepak kat sini...banyak jugak entry
Azue berkisar tentang tempat nie...

Pulai Spring Resort - Johor Bharu


"Father’s Day Look Alike" Contest
Join our “Father’s Day Look Alike” contest to win a 2D/1N stay at Cinta Ayu All Suites @
Pulai Springs Resort with breakfast for 2 and RM 100 dining voucher.

How to join the contest?
Upload your best ''look-alike'' photo with your dad.
The picture with the most “likes” will win the prize! 
You also need to ask your friends to hit the "like" button on Pulai Springs Resort fan 
page first before "like" your photo.
For any enquires, do e-mail us at facebook@pulaisprings.com

When is the contest period?
The contest will start on Friday, 1st June 2012 and ends on Sunday, 1st July 2012.
All submissions will be voted by your friends and our panel of judges. 
The Winner will be notified by Tuesday, 
3rd July 2012 on our Facebook page.

Studio Suite - Cinta Ayu
40-square meters of space and comfort. With an elegant sitting area, 
rooms are available with either one king bed or two single beds. 

Congratulations to our winner
(Father's Day Look Alike Contest)

Syukur Alhamdulillah...Kitorg Menang Join Contest nie...
Ribuan terima kasih buat semua kawan2 yg sudi 
vote gmbar Anak Kesayangan Abahnyer nie....

Sayang Semua Ketat-Ketat tauuu!!!!!

Kengkawan kat JB tu boleh ler try booking Early Bird
Buffet Ramadhan kat sini...Dah nak puasa dah kiter
nie kann...

Nak Raya Sakan kat sini pun bolehh....

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